igor-and-signaturegreenSimply put… the S.I.M.P.L.E Scaling System is a unique system I developed to make my life easier while increasing my income every month.

I wanted to scale up my income sky-high, using what I just shared with you inside your Small List, Big Profits workshop.

I wanted to create a coaching business that gave me lots of freedom and extra income, and also gave my students great results.

You see, I knew I wanted to coach and help other people. I’d been lucky enough to find an online money making method (list building.) And I knew other people could use it too.

As I shared in the workshop, you can scale up by selling services like web design and blog set up too, it was just that I felt like coaching was more of a fit for me.

(NOTE: This system is a fit for anyone who wants to coach people in ANY particular business skill or method, like SEO, Facebook Ads or Teespring, just to name a few random examples.)

Bottom-line: I wanted to help a LOT of people gain their independence from crappy jobs and crappy wages, just like I’d done.


And I certainly didn’t want to have to do any type of “high-pressure” selling to get people into a coaching program in the first place.

I was never good at that stuff anyway…and it just made me feel uncomfortable.

Plus, at first, I didn’t even know exactly WHAT I would coach, what process I would use, or anything like that.

I also didn’t know how to get consistent leads… and if leads did come in, I barely had any case study proof to show them.

(Good news is… no-one ever asks: where’s your case studies?! Because with this system, you don’t need them to get started…)


I’d never officially coached anyone before… I mean, no-one.

And coaching scared me a little because I had to put my name out there.

And because I wasn’t completely confident in my coaching abilities, I was particularly wary of someone asking for a refund.

(I discovered an easy way to prevent that happening and keep my students extremely happy. I’ve only had to give out a handful of refunds over the years. And they never hurt, because this system is always bringing new, excited people into my program)

Thankfully, for myself and my students, I didn’t let any of these unfounded fears stop me. I knew in my heart that I could help so many people with the knowledge I had.


After all, in reality, you only need to know a little more knowledge than your student and you can be of great and profound service to them.

So when I started out,


Naturally… I wanted to add a strong source of extra income, to secure my family’s future. However, the biggest kick I get out of  coaching is that I’ve been able to assist 59 (and counting) ordinary people just like me achieve a full-time living online.

I couldn’t know what I know and just hoard it to myself. Not when I could make such a massive impact on my student’s lives and their family’s lives.


Now, although I can’t make you any promises about your own coaching income, I can tell you my own personal results.

From being entirely clueless about how to build a stress-free coaching program, I’ve since banked over $1.7 million in coaching revenues in the last 13 months.

(Again, these are just my results. And to be 100% clear and responsible, I’m making no inference at all that you will do anything remotely similar.)

But that money would have meant a lot less had I made it by being stressed out all the time. Because I like to have time to enjoy my extra income :-)


In these last 13 months you might have found me risking life and limb driving blazing-fast cars down German expressways with crazy-high speed-limits… flying first-class to see my favorite soccer team, Manchester United play in big games… or just relaxed, hanging out in my hometown of Arad, Israel, with my wife Anastasia and our precious daughter Erica.


Well, as I dived into the coaching game I made a bunch of costly mistakes. It was total trial and error for a long while.

Thankfully, I learned critical lessons from every single mistake.

The result being that I’ve been able to fine-tune a system that I believe can help anyone build a low-stress yet substantial extra coaching income you can rely on, month after month.

I call it the S.I.M.P.L.E Scaling System, and it has 3 critical and core components…


This is where you put word out into the world that you are coaching. People tend to over-complicate this and they think they need a big elaborate or complicated funnel. When in reality, that’s the exact opposite of what works.


The same easily swipeable email message I showed you is my “stupid simple” funnel! I’ve used it in a variety of effective ways to generate over 1,567 high quality applications into my coaching program since 2012.


I’m not a fan of pressuring people into doing anything. I like to have a nice relaxed chat with someone about their goals for the future, and just see if we’re a fit to work together.

If we are, great. If not, that’s okay too, we simply part ways respectfully as friends, leaving the door open to working together in the future.

So I’ve also created a very low-key, low-pressure and simple enrollment structure to follow with people who contact you for coaching. So you always know what to say and you never feel yucky about it. You’re helping people and seeing if there’s a fit.

Simple as that.

Plus, it’s designed where, if you want to, the entire selling process can ultimately be outsourced so you can focus on giving people the help they need.


The reason some people are stressed-out when they coach is that they haven’t got a simple delivery system.

I’ve found the secret is to implement “virtual systems” that give your students exactly what they need, but without turning you into a slave, overwhelmed by client demands.

And I’ve created non-techy delivery systems that any coach can replicate extremely easily. So you’re never overwhelmed. And your students are always respectful, grateful and appreciative of your help and service.


So that’s the system in a nutshell… nothing complicated about. It truly lives up to its name in every way!

Without it, I’d be earning a fraction of what I make now, and not impacting anywhere close to as many lives.

And best of all, it can deliver big results, incredibly fast.

If you see coaching as a way to scale up your income, and you want to chat about the possibility me helping you implement this proven system, I invite you to click below and fill out a short application.

Please give as much detail about your current income-needs and ambitions as possible. This will help get me up to speed on your situation, so when we talk we can make the best and most productive use of our time together.

You’ve shown how serious you are about improving your life by investing in Small List, Big Profits. Now, if you’re ready. Let me help you take it to the moon.


This is only for people who clearly see the immense value in a proven system that can give them a massive and immediate shortcut to scaling up their monthly income.

And who are eager to make a meaningful financial commitment that will allow us to link arms and get you set up with an on-going, low-stress, low-hassle new income stream.

My focus will be on getting you very quick results, in days and weeks, not months. Results that will allow you to quickly and easily recoup your investment to put this system to work for you.



Also, please note that due to the 1-on-1 time and attention I’ll be giving each successful applicant, I can currently only help a maximum of 12 people set this system in motion. (I reserve the right to lessen that number if necessary.)

Like I said, you don’t need any coaching experience to put this system to work for you… the only requirement is that you have a real and genuine passion for helping others.

If that’s you, click the link and fill out the application right now, since I’m only going to be sharing this system with an extremely small and limited number of go-getters.

Igor, thanks, I’m ready to seriously scale up my income…



Here’s some quick answers to some of the most common questions I get about The S.I.M.P.L.E Scaling System…

Do I need to know how to sell?

No. You don’t need to know how to enroll people into your coaching. I will personally coach you in how to effectively price your programs, and enroll people with ease. Forget about yucky “high pressure” selling. There’s a better way!

Do I need to know what to coach? And do I need a formal structure to my coaching process?

If we work together I will help you formulate a detailed plan about what to coach, how to structure your offerings, and how to deliver it with no stress or overwhelm.

Do I need to have coached before?

Not at all. You can be a complete coaching novice like I was and this system will carry you to a thriving coaching business.

Do I need cases studies to make this work?

You don’t need case studies. That’s not a requirement for success. As long as you can legitimately coach people to a better life in some important area of life and/or business, this system allows you to get started without case studies. And if you’d rather sell “services” instead, that’s fantastic. You can use this system to scale up too.

Okay, Igor, thanks for those answers, let’s talk, I’m ready to seriously scale up my income…